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Felicitibelle is a sewing, garment making, refashioning and styling space. All clothes and accessories are handmade from scratch or refashioned. We are all about ethical and sustainable womenswear and lifestyle products. Our creations are inspired and characterized by a signature blend of effortless style, comfort and modernity with ethical and sustainability as our core value.

We strongly believe it matters knowing our clothes' history, past present and future.
Making a custom garment for yourself is not a predefined process. It requires creativity and invention which gives personal touch to individuality. Wearing handmade/custom-made garments allows for one’s freedom of expression.

... it is important knowing by whom and how and at what cost….
At FelicitiBelle, we also offer personalised styling service by helping you to build a functional wardrobe; whether is to discover true personal style or to create customised outfits for your various occasions.